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10 Benefits of Eyebrow Microblading

Unless you have naturally perfect eyebrows (they don’t exist, you have more chance of stumbling across a unicorn) and you conform to western standards of beauty, you have probably had to do some work to your eyebrows at some point.

Most women are guilty of overplucking their eyebrows at a certain point in their lives, most commonly, during our dreadful teenage years. All that plucking can drastically alter the eyebrow’s natural shape and thickness, which over time, leaves many tweezer-enthusiasts with lines instead of brows – the sad, sad tale of Mona Lisa eyebrows.

Some women try to fix this by filling in their brows with expensive products, which is fine if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t, you’re likely to end up drawing some very horrific lines instead of eyebrows. Yeah, we’ve all seen those around.

Bottom line is if you’re tired of any of the aforementioned cases, you’re probably a good candidate for microblading, a semi-permanent form of eyebrow tattoo that will shape and fill your eyebrows and look so natural it is almost undetectable.

Here are some of the many advantages of getting microblading.

1. It will save you time

How many mornings have you woken up after snoozing your alarm more than three times only to realize you’re now running more than 30 minutes late for work? But wait! You can’t leave just yet, you don’t have your makeup on!

For many women, this is a daily routine — spending 15 minutes every morning filling in your eyebrows, doing your eyeliner, etc. Depending of your beauty needs, there are some of these steps you are not willing to skip. If you have notoriously thin eyebrows and you’re used to filling them in every morning, you’ll be glad to know that Microblading will allow you to skip that part of your morning routine. You’ll be able to sleep an extra 15 minutes every day because you won’t have to fill in your eyebrows anymore.

2. It will save you money

Do the math! How much are you spending on eyebrow filling products every year? Brushes? Fixers? It adds up, doesn’t it? We’ve discussed here on the blog that microblading is an investment. Why? Because while it may not be cheap upfront, it will last up to about 2 years. You’ll get back all that money you’re spending on makeup and as an extra return on investment, you’ll also save loads of time.

3. You’ll have an eyebrow blueprint

If, unlike our friend Mona Lisa, you have rather bushy eyebrows, you’re still a great candidate for microblading because you’ll now have a perfectly customized blueprint to follow. No longer will you come out of the salon looking like a different person every time because a different technician waxed your eyebrows. Next time, they’ll just follow the beautiful, natural blueprint on your brow area and you’ll always look fabulous.

4. Hello new natural eyebrows!

If, unlike the previous case, you are a Mona Lisa, you might be the one to get the most out of microblading, especially if you have suffered hair loss as a consequence of chemotherapy or allopecia. Microblading is meant to look extremely natural, giving those with thin and sparse eyebrows, a natural and strong frame to their faces for the first time in their lives. Everybody knows how important eyebrows are to the harmony of a face, and let’s not ignore how trendy eyebrows have become recently. A good set of eyebrows will set you apart from the rest and will give you a stunning facial feature that will be the first thing anyone sees when they first look at you.

5. It can last up to 3 years

Nothing is forever and that is very much true, especially when referring to microblading. Microblading is NOT permanent, it is classed as a semi-permanent procedure. Its duration varies from person to person and in the best of cases can last up to 3 years, although the standard is 12 – 18 months. The benefit of that impermanence is that you can choose not to get it redone if you want to go back to what you liked before you got microblading, although, truth be told, we don’t think you will! <3

6. No upkeep

This is probably one of the best things about microblading. Once you get the procedure, and you go through the healing process, you can virtually forget about it and continue your life as you would have without it. Microblading will not smudge or smear off. You can go to saunas, swim, work out, wipe your eyebrows time and time again, you don’t have to worry.

7. Your eyebrows are not going to turn red or grey

You’ve probably seen someone around with red eyebrows and wondered what the heck went wrong. No need to worry, yours won’t do that. The color change is due to a certain type of ink used, which is not often used for microblading. Microblading pigments are organic and specifically designed to not change in color, but to just wear off with time.

8. It doesn’t hurt

If you’re afraid of needles, you don’t have to worry at all about microblading. Standard procedure is to use numbing topical ointments instead of local anesthesia, so you won’t ever be injected with a responsible aesthetician. The ointments work wonders and you really shouldn’t feel any pain. Some people feel so relaxed they even fall asleep!

9. It’s safe

Microblading is very safe, when performed by a licensed and professional aesthetician (Brows and Beauty holds the correct licence for this procedure). Sure, there are some risks to any procedure, but they are minimal when compared to all the benefits!

10. New eyebrows in just under 2 hours

We were doing the math of how much you will save with microblading, and because time is money, you’ll save even more. The procedure is only about 1.5 – 2 hours long and you get to sport your new eyebrows right away!

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All You Need to Know About Microblading

Brow mapping for microblading

Like many, you’ve probably been sucked into a blackhole of Insta stalking before and afters of microbladed eyebrows. This is especially so if you were an ’80s or ’90s teenager, an era where crimes against eyebrows were rife. If you are looking for a microblading service in Southend On Sea, this is offered at Brows and Beauty, and is still the most requested treatment.

The semi-permanent secret to faking fuller eyebrows that look totally natural, microblading might just be the hassle-free solution to freeing you from spending hours pencilling in your eyebrows.

What is microblading?

Microblading is a type of eyebrow architecture. It is all about creating the best shape for each face – and like other eyebrow treatments such as HD Brows, it’s a totally bespoke approach for each client.

The process is very precise thanks to the tool that is used which is effectively like a pen with the nib being a sloped or curved blade with a series of small needles at the end. The needles don’t penetrate the skin as such, instead they scratch the surface, much like a paper cut. 

The needles very finely implants featherweight strokes with a medical grade pigment on the epidermis layer for the skin, creating fine, realistic and natural hair-like strokes.

How is microblading eyebrows different to having your brows tattooed?

Microblading, unlike tattooing, is not in the deep layer of skin, but more on the surface. This is also not permanent, and the colour gradually fades within 18 months. 

The hair strokes are far more natural and finer than any tattoo, as a handheld needle/blade is used – as opposed to a tattoo machine.

What is microshading and how is it different to microblading?

Yes the names might sound confusingly similar but microblading and microshading are totally different. Microshading is also sometimes referred to as ombré, or powder brows. 

Both forms of semi-permanent make-up for your eyebrows, they have a few subtle but important differences. Compared to microblading’s super precise, individual hair look, microshading/ombré has a much softer finish. Think of it like using a brow pencil compared to a brow powder or pomade.

Where microblading tattoos hair-like strokes in your existing brows, microshading tattoos tiny dots along your brows for a less defined finish.

Not sure which technique is for you? Fear not, because both methods can be combined to create the most realistic and natural finish.

Can you be allergic to microblading?

There are people who are sensitive and allergic to some pigments, but in my experience this is extremely rare. I will always perform a patch or scratch test to check you are not allergic prior to the treatment.

How much does microblading cost?

A Brows and Beauty microblading treatment costs £150. This includes a consultation, and the initial treatment. The top up treatment after 4-6 weeks is £50.

What actually happens when you get your eyebrows microbladed?

1. I clean up the area with antiseptic wash to prepare it for the treatment.’

2. Numbing – this takes 10 – 15 mins using a topical ointment. While this is working, I’ll discuss with the client the best pigment shade for their desired look.’

3. I’ll use mapping tools to begin measuring the area around the brows, taking into account face shape, symmetry, facial features etc. I’ll then draw the brow shape and agree this with the client.

4. Then I begin the micrblading process – gently implanting the pigment via featherweight strokes. Each stroke is a superficial line in the skin where the colour pigment seeps in and settles then. If there is any discomfort at this stage I add another a layer of numbing lotion to the area which will become effective after 5 minutes.

5. I add on a final layer of pigment that stays on for 15mins, clean the area and show the client their beautiful brows!

6. In 4-6 weeks there’s a top-up session to fill in any gaps where the pigment hasn’t taken or healed properly.

Why is there a top up microblading session and when does this happen?

The top up session happens after 4-6 weeks. This is the time where I can assess the first steps, and add in any further strokes and add a darker pigment if preferred.

What happens in the meantime?

You’ll need to follow the after care instructions (see below) and avoid any picking or scratching. Your eyebrows will start to heal over, much like a tattoo, which might cause irritation but is totally normal.

In the next ten days or so your eyebrows will change colour, might become flaky and look like they’ve faded but this is totally normal. They’ll reveal their final colour and shape after around 30 days. This can then be topped up at the second session.

How do you know what eyebrow shape to go for? Should we bring pictures? 

Clients are welcome to bring in images of the style of brow they like, or come in with the brow make up they normally wear on a day to day basis. I’ll also determine the colour and shape to use from the natural colouring and bone structure of the client.

Getting the colour right…

People come in and sometimes want darker than I would suggest, but it’s always better to go a little more natural – you can always add more into the top up session for a darker colour. 

I’ll look at your hair colour, eye colour and skin tone using the Fitzpatrick Chart, which also takes into account how your skin will change with sun exposure etc., to ensure the correct colour pigment choice.

Getting the shape right…

I measure up each client’s eyebrows using a microblading ruler to help map out the perfect shape of brow, which is individual to each client. After checking all measurements are symmetrical, I then freehand the final shape.

How long does microblading last?

Microblading lasts anything between 12-18 months, but the longevity of the pigment will depend on the skin type of each individual. 

People with slightly more oily skin will tend to last around the 12 month mark before needing a top up, but those with normal skin can last up to 18 months.

Microbladed brows will eventually fade away if you don’t continue with top ups every 18 months or so.

Does microblading hurt?

It doesn’t hurt so such, it is more a sensation. The process itself is not painful thanks to the numbing ointment that is applied. It’s sometimes the sound of the blade which people find worse – a small scratching sound. 

Can microbladed eyebrows be undone/removed?

Yes – the pigment used leaves no scarring or discolouration, and I can use a salt/saline solution to remove microbladed brows.

It is very important to know and understand that brows will be up to 40% darker in shade for the first 7-10 days during the healing process where scabs can form and flake off. 

Clients can sometimes leave the studio, and two days later be terrified that their brows are too dark, but please be patient – as this is totally normal! After 7-10 days, you will begin to see the final colouring.

The Microblading Dos and Don’ts

There’s a few of them…

In advance…

1. Do not pick, tweeze, wax or have electrolysis one week prior.

2. Do not use sunbeds or sit in direct sunlight two weeks before.

3. Do not have any type of facial or peel two weeks prior.

4. Stop using any retinol or Vitamin A products one month prior.

5. No exercising on the day.

6. Do not have botox three weeks before.

7. Do not take fish oil or Vitamin E one week prior (these are natural blood thinners).

8. Do not wax or tint your eyebrows three days prior.

On The Day…

1. Do not drink alcohol 24-48 hours prior to your appointment.

2. Do not drink coffee 2 hours prior.

3. Do not take aspirin or ibuprofen 24 hours prior.

The Post-Microblading Rules

Days 1-7…

1. Gently wash your eyebrows every morning and night with a cotton pad moistened with cool boiled water or micellar water. This will clean debris away from the brows without removing the pigment.

DO NOT use any cleansers containing acids or exfoliants.

2. Apply a very small amount of healing balm to each brow morning and night.

Things to consider once your brows have been microbladed…

  • Use a clean pillowcase
  • No picking!
  • No facials, botox, or peels for 4 weeks
  • Avoid exercise for 1 week
  • Avoid direct sun for 1 week
  • Avoid long, steamy showers for 10 days
  • Avoid swimming for 10 days
  • Don’t wear any make-up or use skincare on your brows until they’ve healed.
  • Remember, your eyebrows aren’t finished until after the second session.

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All You Need to Know About HD Brows

Brows have never been such a big feature as they are in 2021. From tinting and threading to microblading and HD Brows – there are so many different brow treatments available in-salon. Out of salon, you can also find surplus supplies of brow maintenance products including pencils, pomades, gels and even brow glue (you need to try this!).

HD brows (meaning High Definition) isn’t new, but it’s a popular treatment choice that held the UK’s number one spot for brow treatments back in 2018. Why? HD Brows keep them ‘real’, offering far more than a tint and shape, to tame or grow the perfect eyebrows. HD Brows treatments are now available in Southend on Sea at Brows and Beauty, It’s a bespoke treatment to suit your eyebrow needs and the results speak for themselves. It’s also a great alternative to microblading and powder brows, meaning you can have the same great look without committing to a long term semi permanent treatment.

Your eyebrow shape and colour is as unique as your personality. They emphasise your emotions, highlight your eyes and can really help add structure to your face shape.

If your eyebrows are sparse or over plucked, getting them to look healthy and shapely can be difficult. Or, you may have wild eyebrows that refuse to stay in shape? HD Brows can address all of this and more, transforming the appearance of your eyebrows to create long-lasting results.

What are HD brows and how are they done?

The whole appointment usually takes around 40 minutes. First you’ll have a consultation where you will discuss the shape and colour of your brows, and what your desired outcome is. It’s here where you can talk about any issues you have with them – whether there are sparse areas or you’re unhappy with the shape, and they can advise on where to go from there.

If you are looking for fuller brows, it might be that you will be advised to try a regrowth programme. If the eyebrows are over plucked, you’ll work with them to target growth in certain areas and you’ll be shown how to fill them in properly in between appointments. If you’re on this programme, you will use the lash and brow booster which promotes hair growth.

The next step is tinting the brows. The colour is matched to the hair colour so that they don’t look out of place. The dye is applied, catching on to any baby and stray hairs that will give the appearance of fuller brows.

Once the dye has taken, the shaping starts. This is a mixture of waxing (this helps with the precision of the shape), threading (for the areas the wax may have missed) and plucking for any final stray hairs.

The final stage in the process of getting HD Brows is aftercare. You will receive information and product advice so you can maintain your gorgeous looking eyebrows for as long as possible before your next treatment. Which is often 6 weeks of fabulous eyebrows (although you can pop back to Brows and Beauty for HD Brows Express, a great quick fix for eyebrows if you’re short on time or need your brows tidied between treatments.)

HD Brows v standard shape and tint

How do HD Brows differ from a standard tint and shape? Firstly, it’s the level of depth achieved, in terms of both professional advice and stunning results.

Unlike a standard tint and shape, a HD brow treatment starts with a custom blended colour tint then uses a mixture of waxing for precision shaping, threading for the areas the wax may have missed and plucking for any final stray hairs. It’s this combination of techniques that leaves your brows incredibly well defined.

A HD Brow treatment gives you individualised advice, and the perfect way to get natural-looking eyebrows that are perfect for you. No stencils and no shortcuts. Whether you’re looking for help to create the perfect arch for your face shape, or a regrowth programme for fuller brows.

Are HD brows permanent and how much does it cost?

No, they’re not. Although if you’re put on a regrowth programme, the hairs you accumulate during this process obviously are – which is the point. The tint as well as the shape need upkeep as there will be fading and regrowth over time. Regular treatments can last between four to six weeks.

Prices vary depending on the outcome of your consultation but prices start from £25.

Are HD Brows worth it and does it hurt?

This is obviously very much down to the individual person and what kind of maintenance and aftercare their chosen brow treatment will involve. As for pain levels, it’s all down to how well they can tolerate waxing, threading and plucking involved . Most people will probably experience some very minor discomfort, but it is by no means considered unbearable, and it is only brief.

HD Brows treatments are available at Brows and Beauty Southend On Sea from 26th June, and appointments can be booked now. Click here to make your booking.