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All You Need to Know About HD Brows

Brows have never been such a big feature as they are in 2021. From tinting and threading to microblading and HD Brows – there are so many different brow treatments available in-salon. Out of salon, you can also find surplus supplies of brow maintenance products including pencils, pomades, gels and even brow glue (you need to try this!).

HD brows (meaning High Definition) isn’t new, but it’s a popular treatment choice that held the UK’s number one spot for brow treatments back in 2018. Why? HD Brows keep them ‘real’, offering far more than a tint and shape, to tame or grow the perfect eyebrows. HD Brows treatments are now available in Southend on Sea at Brows and Beauty, It’s a bespoke treatment to suit your eyebrow needs and the results speak for themselves. It’s also a great alternative to microblading and powder brows, meaning you can have the same great look without committing to a long term semi permanent treatment.

Your eyebrow shape and colour is as unique as your personality. They emphasise your emotions, highlight your eyes and can really help add structure to your face shape.

If your eyebrows are sparse or over plucked, getting them to look healthy and shapely can be difficult. Or, you may have wild eyebrows that refuse to stay in shape? HD Brows can address all of this and more, transforming the appearance of your eyebrows to create long-lasting results.

What are HD brows and how are they done?

The whole appointment usually takes around 40 minutes. First you’ll have a consultation where you will discuss the shape and colour of your brows, and what your desired outcome is. It’s here where you can talk about any issues you have with them – whether there are sparse areas or you’re unhappy with the shape, and they can advise on where to go from there.

If you are looking for fuller brows, it might be that you will be advised to try a regrowth programme. If the eyebrows are over plucked, you’ll work with them to target growth in certain areas and you’ll be shown how to fill them in properly in between appointments. If you’re on this programme, you will use the lash and brow booster which promotes hair growth.

The next step is tinting the brows. The colour is matched to the hair colour so that they don’t look out of place. The dye is applied, catching on to any baby and stray hairs that will give the appearance of fuller brows.

Once the dye has taken, the shaping starts. This is a mixture of waxing (this helps with the precision of the shape), threading (for the areas the wax may have missed) and plucking for any final stray hairs.

The final stage in the process of getting HD Brows is aftercare. You will receive information and product advice so you can maintain your gorgeous looking eyebrows for as long as possible before your next treatment. Which is often 6 weeks of fabulous eyebrows (although you can pop back to Brows and Beauty for HD Brows Express, a great quick fix for eyebrows if you’re short on time or need your brows tidied between treatments.)

HD Brows v standard shape and tint

How do HD Brows differ from a standard tint and shape? Firstly, it’s the level of depth achieved, in terms of both professional advice and stunning results.

Unlike a standard tint and shape, a HD brow treatment starts with a custom blended colour tint then uses a mixture of waxing for precision shaping, threading for the areas the wax may have missed and plucking for any final stray hairs. It’s this combination of techniques that leaves your brows incredibly well defined.

A HD Brow treatment gives you individualised advice, and the perfect way to get natural-looking eyebrows that are perfect for you. No stencils and no shortcuts. Whether you’re looking for help to create the perfect arch for your face shape, or a regrowth programme for fuller brows.

Are HD brows permanent and how much does it cost?

No, they’re not. Although if you’re put on a regrowth programme, the hairs you accumulate during this process obviously are – which is the point. The tint as well as the shape need upkeep as there will be fading and regrowth over time. Regular treatments can last between four to six weeks.

Prices vary depending on the outcome of your consultation but prices start from £25.

Are HD Brows worth it and does it hurt?

This is obviously very much down to the individual person and what kind of maintenance and aftercare their chosen brow treatment will involve. As for pain levels, it’s all down to how well they can tolerate waxing, threading and plucking involved . Most people will probably experience some very minor discomfort, but it is by no means considered unbearable, and it is only brief.

HD Brows treatments are available at Brows and Beauty Southend On Sea from 26th June, and appointments can be booked now. Click here to make your booking.